Polkadot Ecosystem Talent Support

Hey all! My name is Ian Brunner and for the last 2+ years I have been leading recruitment at Protocol Labs (PL). My team has worked to hire 600+ people into the web3 space including growing PL by over 300% and helping hire for over 70+ companies in our network (many of whom are also in the Polkadot ecosystem).

Starting in January of this coming year, my recruiting team will be decentralizing out of PL into a standalone business that will be continuing to support both PL and the PLN closely, but also have the autonomy to support other growing ecosystems or web3 networks.

I was hoping to explore if there was a way to replicate our success with the PLN in the Polkadot ecosystem and not quite sure who would be the best person to talk to or how to go about exploring this. Thanks, everyone!