Polkadot Digest 27 Nov 2023

Polkadot News

Did you know over 1’500 Polkadot address have voted in OpenGov, and 289 accounts have delegated their DOT? These governance statistics and more are available in this Polkadot Forum post - 📈 Polkadot OpenGov Data Insights

With the launch of Web3 Foundation’s Decentralized Futures program, there are numerous projects with ideas on the Polkadot Forum. You can check them out, along with other discussions, here: https://forum.polkadot.network/

Of course, the Polkadot Treasury is also available as an on-chain source of DOT for projects, with 59 Treasury Proposals active at the moment. https://forum.polkadot.network/

The next parachain lease auction begins at block 18_374_400, 29 Nov. Auctions and crowdloans on Polkadot & Kusama networks | Parachains.info

Kusama News

K-LAOS has won the most recent parachain lease auction. Kusama Auctions and Crowdloans | Parachains.info

Referendum 316, proposing to approve a Treasury Proposal for Subscan infrastructure (Kusama and Statemine), is now up for vote. Subscan | Infrastructure Costs of Subscan for Kusama & Statemine Networks (from January to September 2023) | Polkassembly

There are nine other Referenda up for vote on Kusama OpenGov. OpenGov | Polkassembly