Polkadot Digest 11 Mar 2024

Polkadot News

Polkadot Sub0 Asia 2024 starts tomorrow in Bangkok. You can also watch online for free by getting a ticket here: sub0 Asia 2024<!-- --> | Polkadot Events

With seven hours left in the current parachain lease auction, Mandala Chain has been in the lead the entire Ending Period. Auctions and crowdloans on Polkadot & Kusama networks | Parachains.info

Referendum 487 on the Root track, proposing an on-chain Polkadot Ambassador Program, is passing with 97.2% in favor. Polkadot Ambassador Program | Polkassembly

Referendum 516 on the Treasurer track, proposing to clean up several inactive bounties or those with expired curators, is passing unanimously. Bounty Cleanup Proposal | Polkassembly

Referendum 524, proposing to transfer the parachain lease of parathread ID 3356 to 2030 (both owned by Bifrost), is passing almost unanimously. Transfer the Lease of Bifrost Parachain 3356 to Bifrost Parachain 2030 to avoid downtime | Polkassembly

Kusama News

Bajun Network has won the latest parachain lease auction. Kusama Auctions and Crowdloans | Parachains.info

With three days left, the current parachain lease auction has seen both Karura and Basilisk in the lead during the Ending Period. Kusama Auctions and Crowdloans | Parachains.info

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