Polkadot Digest 1 Jul 2024

Polkadot News

Alice_und_Bob has released the 2024-H1 Polkadot Treasury Report, giving an in-depth analysis of Treasury inflows and outflows so far this year. 2024-H1 Polkadot Treasury Report

The /r/dot subreddit has merged with /r/polkadot, and thus shut down. For discussing Polkadot on Reddit, you can now just go to Reddit - Dive into anything

With less than two days to go, Referendum 832, proposing to fund the Technical Fellowship sub-treasury, is passing almost unanimously. Funding the Technical Fellowship Sub-Treasury | Polkassembly

Referendum 896, proposing to increase the number of HRMP channels per parachain to 150 (both inbound and outbound), is passing almost unanimously. [Whitelisted Caller] Update Max HRMP Channels | Polkassembly

There has been an ongoing discussion on the Polkadot forum on a Polkadot-Cardano bridge. Cardano <> Polkadot bridge

Kusama News

With seven days left in the Deciding Period, Referendum 410, proposing to increase Kusama relay chain’s core count to 100, is passing with more than 99% in favor. Increase core count to 100 | Polkassembly

Referendum 412, proposing to shut down four bounties, is currently failing with 29% in favor. Three grifts and a comrade | Polkassembly