Parachain to Parachain XCM transfer 1010 bad signature error

Hello community,

I’m Sergey Petrov, the Fearless Wallet team lead.
Our team has recently faced an issue while trying making XCM transfers between parachains on Mobile clients. The odd thing is that the same extrinsic on Polkadot JS dApp works fine without any errors. But for Mobile clients and IDE Emulators we have an error like that at 50% of cases.:

"Invalid Transaction", code: 1010, data: Optional("Transaction has a bad signature")

The extrinsic example on Polkadot JS App is here`
Here you can find a link to the extrinsic assembled on Mobile client side
We have been investigating the issue for several days. And we haven’t find any possible cause or solution yet.

We really appreciate any support and suggestions.
Any ideas and advises are welcome.

Probably it is better to ask this kind of technical questions / issues on Substrate Exchange.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
Have just posted the same there.
stackexchange post