Nomination pool operational status statistical tool

Hello everyone, considering that the current nomination pool does not display the true operational status of the pool to users, users cannot know the specific staking amount, earnings, and 7-day APY of each epoch of the nomination pool. When choosing a nomination pool, most users make emotional choices (herd mentality or just based on the name). I am considering whether to create a tool to help users see the true operational data of each nomination pool more intuitively, so as to help users make better choices for nomination pools, promote healthy competition among nomination pools, help capable nomination pools stand out, and improve the service quality of nomination pools. I look forward to your feedback and thank you very much.


Sounds like a nice project. A good reference might be this dashboard from Turboflakes, which contains some of the information you’re thinking about.

Thank you very much for your response. This is a very helpful reference for me, and I will study it carefully

I just checked the website and found that there are some issues with the calculation method used. The data results differ from the actual operational status of the nomination pool. I am trying to contact them to see if they can optimize it.

(”The Nomination Pool APR is based on the average APR of all the current pool nominees (validators) from the last 84 eras on Polkadot, minus the respective validators commission.“)here is the issue

I am currently looking for other issues and if there are any, I will continue to post them here.

I would massively support this. Commissions are also coming to pools soon, and pools now have more levers to let members decide upon and compete.

I would hope that some of the ideas discussed here get integrated into the Staking dashboard and the Talisman Staking dashboard as well. There’s certainly room for collaboration, but we should all be aware that ranking pools can easily become subjective.

What turboflakes has put together is a great start; maybe we can already link to it with a “here’s an additional dashboard with more metrics. Check it out, and once decided, enter the pool id here to join”.

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Thank you very much for your reply, and also for supporting my idea. I also think that ranking the nomination pools (or validators) may bring one’s relatively subjective rating standards to others, which may affect the judgment of others. Therefore, I am considering whether to start with the nomination pool, mining the current staking data on the chain, and only objectively process these data, making them visible and understandable for ordinary users (such as the actual APR of the nomination pool in the past 7 days, the number of recent nomination activities, etc.), helping users choose their desired nomination pool based on their own judgment and reducing subjective influence.

In addition, this can gradually be expanded to validators, because I have found that there is a certain difference between the displayed APR of the Polkadot JS and the actual performance of validators (depending on Era points, which can also be said to be the actual node quality). By converting the corresponding parameters, users can intuitively understand the operational status of validators.

Thank you again for your reply, and I hope to communicate with more people in this thread.

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