Monthly LIVE Fellowship Call & Distribution


Here be a framework for a Live and Recorded monthly call where members of the fellowship can openly discuss development pursuits, plans, and progress with tokenholders & beyond.

The following was developed in discussion with Fellowship Rank 6 @bkchr and is open for feedback and contributions (barring common interference) leading to the maiden stream Tuesday, October 17 at 3:00pm UTC.

The following will be updated w/ edits to align with well-received suggestions.


  • Open communication
  • Transparent documentation
  • Fellowship member spotlight
  • Education & inspiration
  • Ecosystem alignment


Up to 2 hours.

  1. Pre-show (2:45pm UTC)
  2. Host Welcome (3:00pm UTC)
  3. New Fellowship Member intro (if applicable)
  4. Large project status updates
  5. Agenda review
  6. 2-6 member presentations & discussion - 12 min slots
  7. Open Q&A from audience
  8. Closing Thoughts




Calls will be held on or StreamYard for live and future distribution.

Note - for those familiar with AAG, the planned nature of this show allows for a decent bump in quality


Live streamed on YouTube & X via The Kusamarian. Simultaneous streams on other brands can be easily arranged.

Fellowship presentations will be clipped & distributed on The Kusamarian X.

Full recording will be public and available for distribution under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED.

Min. Costs:

Development - $350
Monthly - ~$150 (includes clipping, software liscences, modest promotion)

These costs will be held by The Kusamarian until future reimbursement & maintenance established.

With lots of avenues for growth available!

Expect chaos followed by steady improvement.

Let us know your thoughts :arrow_down:


Great idea.

there’s def room to see The Fellowship (and other collectives) as its own destination site (more than just a gov UI) where you could also have longer form podcast eps with members.

Adjacent q, is there any plan for a Kusamarian site, this would aid with aggregating content.

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Totally awesome. I request you cat herd at least these and all Polkadot fellows @bkchr @rphmeier and @joe to address the elephant in the room: EVM Contracts on Polkadot+Kusama+AssetHub+…

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If you really want this to be discussed, please open a RFC GitHub - polkadot-fellows/RFCs: Proposals for change to standards administered by the Fellowship.

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Ok @xlc, thank you for asking. Here it is:

This is a direct follow through of :

one of the interesting possibilities is selling off Polkadot's underutilized data availability for use on other platforms

If you or others want to take over and edit this (I’m not a core substrate engineer, not a fellow and have no history with the fellowship), let me know what to do! With sufficient cultural change, it should be possible to inspire non-Substrate L2 chains to build on Polkadot.

I’d like to see CoreJam’s actual CRJA composability solution combined with this idea, but the goal is not technical amusement, its high impact growth.

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