Monitoring upcoming runtime upgrade

I’ve been directed to Runtime Upgrades · Polkadot Wiki for some details about it. And I locate corresponding upgrade events for Polkadot v9340 runtime upgrade. However:

  • I can not locate the runtime upgrade events, referenda (or corresponding referenda) for v9360 runtime upgrade for Kusama. But according to the explorer, the runtime version of the latest block on Kusama is already v9360. Am I missing anything?

  • There is no information about the minimum required Polkadot Host version for each runtime. For example, it seems fine for a host with v0.9.33 to be compatible with Kusama runtime v9360, but not v0.9.30. Is it possible to know a if a host upgrade is necessary before runtime upgrade?

Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer here you see the CodeUpgraded event for the upgrade to v9360.

These information are part of the release notes. Or better it should be. When there are new host functions, we for sure mention that a node upgrade is required before. I think we missed to add this info for v0.9.32. This node version was also strictly required to make the transaction-payment related RPCs work with the 0.9.32 runtime. This is nothing important for validators, but for RPC nodes.

Thanks, there is. But I didn’t locate corresponding democracy(Executed) event for v9360. I haven’t looked into the code yet, but I guess it’s optional to have a passed referenda before upgrading the runtime.

And yes, there is a referenda for v9340 runtime upgrade on Kusama, I can trace these events democracy(Passed) => scheduler(Scheduled) => system(CodeUpdate), but there is still no democracy(Executed) event.

Thanks, that explains a lot. I believe the best strategy for node operators (which might not be familiar with the codebase and the detailed relations between runtime & host) is to upgrade as soon as possible.

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