Launch of the Polkadot Data Knowledge Base

GM everyone!

Computers are crazy powerful complex machines. We all know this since the first season of Star Trek aired in 1966.

In our quest to unleash Web3, we created one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world: Polkadot. Polkadot is not a monolithic machine. It is the computers and parachains and smart contracts and interactions of thousands of people that are currently somehow interacting with the ecosystem.

I see a future where Web2 becomes optional. A future where you can rent your servers and storage in Polkadot, run a private document cloud, purchase services and goods, run calculations that simulate if LK-99 is a superconductor or not, all by accessing features in Polkadot.

To make it a reality, we need to give developers and analysts the tools to access the data in Polkadot. We need to let them look into Polkadot, behind the complexity, and give them a holistic view about what is going on and what they can tap into.

That is not yet the case today. Understanding and accessing data in Polkadot is hard, and it starts with even finding the right tools for the job.

The Polkadot Data Knowledge Base comes to save the day! It is a comprehensive directory to find research, actors, tools, data, guidance, and more. The first version just launched and you are invited to look around!

I am currently looking for feedback: Is there anything missing? Should something be changed? Feel free to submit a pull request or raise an issue or contact me via Twitter DM.

If you want to highlight the Polkadot Data Knowledge Base on Twitter, feel free to share my announcement.

My next steps are to add more content, make the whole thing more comprehensive and reach out to teams to see if the current thing is useful for them or needs to be changed. I will post another report once more work has been performed.

Thank you for being a part of Polkadot and keep it up! We are changing the world.