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At Robonomics, we’ve developed an open source solution, using web3 and blockchain technologies offering encrypted communication, data sovereignity, and a trustless, reliable, decentralised cloud. We call it, Robonomics Web Service (RWS). With a RWS subscription, IoT devices can send parachain transactions with priority and no extra fees.

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. The convenience, insights and efficiency of smart homes and IoT devices is transforming our lives and the world. And with the latest, explosive demand for low-carbon and energy-efficient solutions, it’s no surprise that projections suggest that by 2028 the global IoT market could exceed an impressive 2 trillion dollars. But, despite the popularity and demand, smart homes and IoT devices still have significant risks. The risks can vary from data breaches, unauthorised device access, misuse of personal data, to DDoS attacks. From a smart home perspective, the most important risks are:

Data breaches
Using smart home devices means you expose a lot of personal and sensitive data with the risk of leaking. This can vary from your name, address, email address, phone number, credit card information, login credentials or even video- and audio footage.

Data ownership
Most entry level smart home setups require a specific gateway communicating with a centralised service provider, meaning your data is being processed and saved by third parties. The data can be used for commercial purposes, but also exposes you to the risk of large hacks at the service providers.

Centralised providers
If the centralised provider’s servers or infrastructure go down, it can render all connected devices unusable or inaccessible, causing significant disruption to daily operations and potentially compromising safety and security.

Introducing the Robonomics Smart Home Demo Stand.

After hooking up a Boston Dynamics Spot to Robonomics to be remotely controlled, creating a public sensor map and having a self-employed autonomous robot painting on demand we’re back with another demo.

To demonstrate the practical possibilities and the viability of smart homes using web3 technologies, we present the Robonomics Smart Home Demo Stand.A board with various IoT and smart home devices for you to interact with. This “smart home” is a local setup managed by HomeAssisant with the Robonomics integration.

With a few steps you can remotely experience a Robonomics powered Smart Home Demo setup!

Let’s start!

Accessing the demo stand requires:

  • a ed25519 Robonomics parachain account
  • exporting the JSON backup file
  • importing JSON file in a wallet extension (Talisman, Polkadot.js)
  • adding the account to a Robonomics Subscription on Discord
  • creating a login password for the user
  • access the Robonomics Smart Home Demo Stand
  • and having fun! :wink:

Robonomics Parachain Account
We’ll first need to create a new Robonomics Parachain account with a ed25519 keypair crypto type. Navigate to our portal, select add account.
If the option isn’t visible, choose settings, and select “Allow local in-browser account storage”.

:earth_americas: Robonomics Portal

Allow Local In-Browser Account

In the Add Account screen, select advanced creation options and select the Edwards, ed25519 keypair type. Save the mnemonic seed, set the name and password for the account.

Create ED25519 Account

Export the JSON file
To interact with our dApp the newly created account you’ll need to import the account in a third party wallet like Talisman or the Polkadot.js extensions. Because it’s only possible to import an ed25519 account from a JSON file, we will need to export the JSON backup file.

Navigate to Accounts and click on the three dots next to the account and select “Create a backup file for this account” and save the file on your device.

:earth_americas: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Export JSON

Import the JSON file into a third party wallet
Add the account to your wallet of choice (Talisman, Polkadot.js) by importing the JSON file.

Import JSON Talisman
Import JSON Polkadot.js

Add the account to the Discord bot
Now we will add the account as a user to our account with a Robonomics Subscription allowing it to interact with the smart home demo board.

Join our Discord and register the account address in our #RobonomicsSpringSchool2023bot channel on Discord.

:earth_americas: Discord

Set a password for the user
Before you can interact with our Smart Home Board Head over to our dApp and create a password for your Home Assistant user.

:earth_americas: Dapp Robonomics network

1: Select the account you’ve just added to the Discordbot and enter the seed phrase.
2: Enter the account addresses of the subscription owner, where your address has been added to, and the controller. Use the details below for the owner and controller field.

HASS Password Creae

Enter the Zone!
Almost there! Log in to our Smart Home Dashboard, the username is your Robonomics account address and the password you’ve just created.


Login Smart Home Demo BOard

You’re in! Let’s have some fun!
The Robonomics Smart Home Demo Board is a board showcasing a possible smart home setup with a range of IoT and smart home devices. You will find a variety of options to remotely interact with.

Impression- Smart Home Demo Stand

On the livestream you can watch the devices change based on your input.

Have fun!

Did we spark your interest?

If you want to upgrade your smart home, and take back control of your privacy and data, we have a great lesson at Robonomics.Academy about setting up your own sovereign smart home!

And also check out our Robonomics Spring School 2023 Program for some interesting tracks, each focusing on the application of modern internet technologies for personal, professional and household use!

:man_student: Robonomics Spring School 2023

Or come and play with our personal robot dog, Spot!(](

Keep building,

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