Introducing the Polkadot UX Guild: Unifying the Experience Across the Ecosystem

Hey Polkadot Community,

Braille is thrilled to announce the formation of the Polkadot UX Guild, a dedicated group of UX advocates committed to drive ecosystem-wide discussions aimed at unifying and elevating UX/UI standards.

:star2: Mission & Focus

Our mission is to foster a more intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly experience for all participants in the ecosystem. To achieve this, we’re focusing our efforts on several key areas:

1. UX Standards & Design Library: Thanks to our learnings accross different set of experiences, we will build a comprehensive Design Library to establish UX/UI standards that will serve as a reference point for projects within the ecosystem. This library will provide guidelines and assets to streamline the design process and ensure consistency across Polkadot projects.

2. Tech Layer UX Advocacy: Through RFCs, forums, and calls, we will push for necessary UX upgrades and improvements by engaging with Parity/Fellowship/Core Devs.

3. Thought Leadership: We’ll be actively participating in events, delivering lectures, and publishing thought leadership pieces to share insights and best practices with the broader blockchain community.

:moneybag: Compensation & Funding

In partnership with the community, we will establish a UX Bounty to fund and encourage ongoing efforts to address current UX challenges. This bounty will also be used to explore future innovations enabled by the Polkadot SDK.

:clipboard: Backlog & Community Engagement

We’ve kickstarted our efforts by compiling a backlog of UX issues that need improvement in the ecosystem. This backlog is a work in progress, and our goal is to continually add elements that require UX assistance.

To ensure community involvement and feedback, we’ll be regularly publishing updates and proposals on the forum, inviting community members to contribute their thoughts and ideas on various topics.

:globe_with_meridians: Expertise Areas & Collaboration

We recognize that achieving our mission requires collaboration across different domains so, we’ve divided the needs into three main areas:

  • UX: Covering design and copywriting aspects.
  • Tech: Addressing blockchain-related and development needs.
  • Wallets: Engaging directly with wallet teams, given their crucial role as the gateway to Web3 usage.

:compass: Long Term Vision

Year 1: Catch-Up Mission
⇒ Achieve industry-standard UX levels.

Year 2 and beyond: Leveraging Polkadot SDK
⇒ Deliver new, simpler, and more intuitive user experiences.
⇒ Transform dapp usage with innovations like zero fees, account abstraction, intents, and more.

:date: 2024 Roadmap Highlights

Our roadmap outlines several key milestones for the coming months:

Since Q1:

  • Events Participation: Engaging with the community at Decoded, Web3 Summit and Sub0.

  • Monthly Open Calls: Hosting monthly open calls to gather community feedback and insights.

  • Quarterly Workshops: Conducting workshops to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among stakeholders.

For Q3:

  • UX Bounty: we are aiming to launch this bounty for end Q3.

For Q4:

  • Design Library v1: Launching the first version of our Design Library to provide valuable resources for designers and developers.

  • Focus on DeFi Standards: Developing and implementing UX standards tailored to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

Interested to join us on this exciting journey?
You can join our Telegram group

The Polkadot UX Guild


This is a much-needed initiative and as OpenGov.Watch, we support it full-heartedly.

We have been in conversation with the Braille team and will contribute to the project and work to give it increased exposure. We see improving the UX as a core objective of a larger Polkadot strategy.


I’ve joined the adventure :partying_face:
Let’s make the UX Great Again !