Introducing Singular: A Revolutionary DEX on Polkadot for Spot and Perpetual Trading

Greetings, Polkadot Community,

We are excited to announce our upcoming project, Singular, a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange (DEX) that we are going to build on the Polkadot network. This initiative is aimed specifically at revolutionizing the derivatives market with a platform that supports both spot and perpetual exchanges.

Our goal is to stand out by offering low swap fees and ensuring zero price impact trades, crafted with precision for the derivatives market.

Why Choose Polkadot for Singular?

While it’s acknowledged that platforms like Arbitrum and Solana are currently leading in the space, we believe Polkadot’s unique multi-chain architecture offers unparalleled advantages. This includes superior security, interoperability, and scalability – essential features that we consider critical for meeting the demands of professional traders and for future-proofing in the fast-paced DeFi ecosystem.

Singular’s Vision:

  • Competitive Swap Fees: We aim to drastically reduce the cost of swaps, enabling traders to maximize their profits without the burden of high fees.
  • Eliminating Price Impact: Through innovative liquidity solutions, Singular is designed to prevent price slippage, ensuring trades are executed at the anticipated prices, even amidst market volatility.
  • Focused on Derivatives Market Precision: Singular is engineered to offer a seamless and accurate trading experience for both spot and perpetual markets.
  • Decentralization and Security at Its Core: Leveraging Polkadot’s robust security measures, Singular promises a secure trading environment for its users’ assets.

Be Part of the Singular Journey

Singular is more than a platform; it’s a community-driven project. Whether you’re an experienced trader or new to the DeFi world, your participation is what will shape Singular into a platform that truly stands out.

How You Can Contribute:

  • Share Your Insights: We value your feedback and suggestions. Let us know what features and improvements you would like to see.
  • Become a Beta Tester: Join our early access program here and be one of the first to explore Singular. Your feedback will be instrumental in refining our platform.
  • Follow Our Journey: Stay tuned to our twitter @singulardao for the latest updates, announcements, and community discussions.

Despite the impressive strides by platforms like Arbitrum and Solana, we are committed to leveraging Polkadot’s capabilities to bring Singular perpetuals on Polkadot to life. This venture into the DeFi space is not just about creating another trading platform but setting a new benchmark for what decentralized trading can offer to the Polkadot network.

Looking forward to building the future of DeFi trading with you!


Interesting. How this is built? on a parachain? or you folks have your own parachain? curious on the tech side.

The link to the early access program doesn’t lead anywhere please share a form.


Yet here…

Reduce Slippages up to 50%

Can you clarify the difference?

Not sure using Singular as the name is the best idea


FYI this is a straight up copy and paste of GMX exchange with little to no modifications.

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heres the link

We’re evolving from a GMX fork to include more chains like Polkadot, aiming for unique enhancements, not just a copy.

Yes, success hinges on Polkadot ecosystem support, including building our DeFi platform on dedicated parachains like Polkadot.

Can you tell us why? And how do we gain your trust to try it for the first time? We are here to improve and provide a better DEX trading experience after all.

(Singular is already a well-known name in the Polkadot ecosystem as an NFT platform.)

While that’s true but we focus on building a globally accessible spot and decentralized exchange.

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Then pick a name that doesn’t infringe on one already well known and established in the eco. Or are you trying to piggyback off of the name and vampire away some userbase / social traffic?

The way it looks like now: you take another project and fork it, and you apply another project’s name to it.

Doesn’t really inspire confidence.

Well, look, here’s how it is.

Apart from your “team” being anon:

  1. was registered mid 2023., from which you mirrored using a webpage copier that left comments in the source was registered in August of 2021. has been live since May 2021. You do also own the somewhat older “” but that has been dead for a while, and you seem to have forgotten to update the nameservers so it leads to a dead site instead of your “mobile app”, so I am assuming it was purchased in 2022 but never updated.
  2. You’re knowingly taking a known name from the eco.
  3. You’re forking an existing thing just to slap your own token on it, and trying to take advantage of an ecosystem without notable first-movers to capitalize on the “unclaimed” terrain.

While 3) is a common and now widely accepted business tactic in web3, 1) and 2) in addition to the replies you posted above are now enough red flags for me to declare you at worst a scam and at best grifters.

In addition, I don’t know if you were actually bitinext, or you just stole their (awful) site, but in any case, that’s another red flag no top. When rebranding a scam or stealing a site, at least clear your tracks. You might also want to remove lorem ipsum content of the “dex website” you’re modifying, rather than just comment it out, but I understand grifts have to happen fast so time is of the essence.

Based on wayback machine, I am actually going to assume you were indeed bitinext, since you use the same buzzwordy language, design, and logo, and have disappeared in the past without a trace too.

Please stay away.

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