Introducing Polkadot Referendum Roundup newsletter

Hello Polkadot community. We’re excited to announce the launch of Referendum Roundup - a new publication focused on covering Polkadot governance!

The Idea

With so much happening across social channels, chats, calls around proposals, votes, and discussions, we realized it’s hard to keep up with everything as engaged community members.

There needs to be a resource that condenses the latest developments down into easily digestible summaries and overviews.

That’s where Referendum Roundup comes in!

What to Expect

Every Sunday morning, Referendum Roundup will recap the governance highlights you need to know from the prior week.

Think of it like a documentary timeline of the Polkadot governance landscape.

Each edition will feature:

  • Treasury spending updates
  • Featured proposals summarized
  • Notable discussions covered
  • Governance in action (tweets)
  • Closing commentary

And perhaps some funky section(:smiley:)

Get Involved

If you care about the future of Polkadot, we highly recommend subscribing to Referendum Roundup below!

This publication is for the community, by the community. We welcome any feedback on how to improve it and cover topics that matter to you.

See you on Sunday.

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I’m excited to share an update on Referendum Roundup!

The first weekly edition has now been published and covers key events from the past week including:

  • Treasury spend approvals
  • Featured AAG presentations
  • Notable governance discussions across forums
  • Notable tweets and ideas

The goal is to condense the main OpenGov developments down into an easy to digest summary each week. No need to track everything yourself!

You can subscribe to receive the free newsletter directly in your inbox each Sunday. Or follow along on Twitter for updates.

This is just the beginning - we welcome any feedback on how to make Referendum Roundup as useful as possible for the Polkadot community. Let us know your thoughts!


Meanwhile a bunch of other editions have been published. Check it out:

Subscribe or check out the editions: