Polkadot Digest 15 Dec 2022

Polkadot News

Unbounded, possibly the first open source, freely available and on-chain funded variable font in the world, is now available on Google Fonts. https://twitter.com/googlefonts/status/1602970743683354624

Yesterday, there was a Twitter Space about a potential DEX on Statemint. https://twitter.com/rphmeier/status/1603057298196275200

Referendum 88, proposing to approve a Treasury Proposal for Snowbridge, a trustless Polkadot-Ethereum bridge, is passing with 99% in favor and 13 days left to vote. Polkassembly

Referendum 91, proposing to increase the maximum number of nomination pools to 128, is currently passing with 99% in favor and 21 days left to vote. Polkassembly

Referendum 93, proposing a new registrar but with no other contextual information, is failing with 3% in favor and 25 days left to vote. Polkassembly

The staking rate on Polkadot has remained relatively consistent over the last week, currently standing at 45.9%. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Kusama News

Referendum 24, upgrading the Kusama runtime to v9350, has passed. It will enact in approximately 30 minutes (block #15_756_296). Polkassembly

There have recently been some updates to Polkadot-JS App to make it easier to understand how and when referenda pass. Click on the little “down arrow” on the right to see the graphs: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

You can also read the Polkadot Wiki page for a deeper understanding: OpenGov · Polkadot Wiki

Referendum 25, extending Encointer’s common good parachain lease by 48 weeks, has passed. Extending Encointer's common good lease by 48 weeks

There has been a slight decrease in the staking rate on Kusama to 49.0%. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Finally, this is the last Polkadot Digest of 2022. I will be taking some time off, but will be back on 3 Jan 2023 to start the fourth calendar year of producing the Polkadot Digest!