Idea for changes to convictions for voting

What if the longer your dot stays staked for the more conviction you can have in voting without locking it up for extra time?

So as a generic example maybe if your DOT has been staked 6 months you earned 2x conviction for voting but it’s doesn’t increase the amount of time it’s locked for. Maybe if it’s been staking for 1 year it then it earns 4x conviction. I think if people had the ability to vote more without having to lock up their tokens longer than the 28-day unbonding period, you might get a better turnout in the voting. This method would even make sure that small holders could eventually have a big impact on voting. I’m sure a lot of people who only have like 800 DOT or something like that feel their vote doesn’t really matter so they don’t vote. This could change that.

I’m sure there is potential tech limitations that would have to be thought about here, but interested to hear what other peoples thoughts are on this?