I cant unstake my dot. Please help me

Hello. A year ago, I stacked my 192 dot tokens. Now I want to unstack them and I can’t. Can you please advise me what is the problem?

My wallet tells me that the smallest number to unstack is 250 dot. Is that true? How can I stack 192 dots and need 250 for unstack?

My dot address is


Hey Jakewh, I believe you are getting this error because the amount you have staked is less than the minimum nominator bond (it was increased to 250 DOT a few months ago).

Try going to the staking dashboard’s nominate page and click “Stop”. Go ahead and
submit the chill extrinsic, this may resolve your issue.

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Hi ross. Thanks for the reply but I can’t connect my Trust wallet. The only way to do this is via Walletconnect, but this option is not accessible.


Check if this guide can help you unstake your tokens!

or this: Reddit - Dive into anything

Based on that error message, you likely need to chill first (I understand that the error message is not very helpful…). You can then fast-unstake if you haven’t received rewards for the last 28 eras.