Get forum posts delivered to your platform of choice 📨

If emails aren’t your cup of tea, please know that you can use RSS and your choice of RSS reader/bot/integration to get the latest posts using the following RSS feed link:

For example, here is a way to set up a community-hosted Matrix RSS bot:

Similar things can be done with Slack, telegram, you name it (even if not as many technologies support RSS now as they used to, which is truly sad).

Parity also have a forum bot account which uses the Discourse Matrix integration to have a feed of links to new posts.

If anyone has any questions about how this works, would like a suggestion for an integration bot to use, is interested in using the Matrix native integration, or any other integrations, here’s the place for requests and questions. There are also other native plugins that Discourse has available as an alterative to RSS, so if anyone would like to take advantage of that please express interest here.


Can we have any way to be notified of particular keywords being mentioned in the forum? For example, I want to know any post that has the term “staking” or “npos” in it.

It looks like that feature is available on the Enterprise hosting plan via the Saved Search | Discourse - Civilized Discussion plugin, so that would be up to forum admins.