FRAME monthly update (November 2023)



  • We’re reworking the delegation staking primitive changes into its own pallet. This is part of the work for enabling governance fund to be usable for governance.
  • Paged payout reward changes are now live on Westend :confetti_ball: and is now integrated with the Staking Dashboard (thanks to @ross). The changes can be followed by DApp builders to integrate it into their own DApp if they are affected. We are also working on a doc to detail the changes needed for the DApps that are integrating with staking. These changes help with the overall goal of making Staking system PoV friendly and moving it into its own system parachain.
  • We’re changing the disabling strategy in staking as per the new disabling strategy
  • The stake-tracker is soon audit-ready and will then be rolled out :sunglasses:

Deprecating CurrencyAdapter

FRAME proper

  • Early refund of slot deposit has some changes since the last update based on feedback from W3F and is currently waiting for audit :female_detective:
  • The undecodable storage was fixed
  • We’re kickstarting development of a tool for checking OpenGov Proposals, this will help check if OpenGov proposals will actually work and not brick the chain (like rococo and westend keep getting bricked)
  • Fungible conformance tests & fungible fixes PR ready to merge now (waiting for reviews :point_right::point_left: ), this helps us catch and prevent bugs in the most critical FRAME logic
  • Improvements to Substrate try-runtime features, migration patterns, and our own usage of these features (#2264, #2336, #2515, #2108, #1985)
  • Improvements and fixes to try-runtime-cli (#55, #58)
  • We’ve expanded derive_impl and fixed any issues (#2409, 2476, #2594) - derive_impl is now used across the polkadot-sdk, enabling us to release features without causing a break in API (most of the time)
  • feeless_if syntax was merged (#1926, #2294, #2396)
  • In order to make FRAME more secure and prevent block authors from cheating, we’re introducing a mechanism to enforce inherent order
  • Make MQ pallet reentrancy safe was merged, this will unblock snowbridge deployment so we can finally have bridges :raised_hands: