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Dear Dotsama Community,

During the last couple of months, our team(Rust Syndicate, a Tbilisi based software company focusing on Rust development) has been working on a substrate developer tool, named Uptest. We have now achieved several useful features for debugging storage changes and we now ask for your feedback on what focus areas we should allocate future energy on. Help us out by filling in the form linked below.

What is Uptest?

Uptest is a standalone Rust library(libuptest) and a command line client(uptest-cli).

Uptest consists of two primary components:

  • 1: libuptest: A standalone Rust library that forms the core of Uptest, providing essential functionality for debugging storage changes.
  • 2:. uptest-cli: A command-line client that offers a user-friendly command line interface for utilizing the power of libuptest.

The aim to is make debugging storage changes easier for developers in the substrate space.

Short Uptest background story:

Uptest was created due to a lack of nifty tools developers could use to debug runtime upgrades and storage migrations in an easier way.

We Need Your Feedback!

To ensure that Uptest continues to evolve in the right direction, we’re reaching out to the Dotsama Community for your valuable input. We want to know what aspects of storage debugging are most important to you and where you’d like to see Uptest improve.

Please take a minute to share your thoughts by filling out this feedback form:
:point_right: Uptest Feedback Form :point_left:

Where is Uptest right now?

Three releases have been made, right now you can utilize the core library(libuptest) and the cli client(uptest-cli) that’s hosted on github and crates[.]io.

Useful Links:
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Links part 1:
Uptest documentation:

Uptest github:

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Uptest First treasury proposal:

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