DV: KSM Community

My name is Daniel, long time contributor, founder of Virto and the Kreivo parachain.
I’m bootstrapping the “KSM Community” as a decentralized collective in Kreivo, as its name implies the community would focus on Kusama only and we expect it to be the first fully-on-chain decentralized autonomous organization that participates in the relay chain’s OpenGov with its own open governance system.

Kreivo is a common good-like parachain funded by KSM token holders and developed by the Virto team. I expect KSM Community to also serve as an example on how other communities/collectives in the ecosystem can establish themselves easily in a decentralized context to participate in the wider governance of Kusama.

KSM Community


The community is set up initially using as governance system the 1 member => 1 vote voting policy to empower members who might be active in the community but have no means of making an impact on their own. Any verifiable KSM holder(e.g. those in society) can apply for a membership and will be more than welcomed to join.


As initial member of this community, I would bring in my active governance participation(+100 votes), commitment for the protocol and optimistic attitude with the best interest of the network at heart.
I personally envision Kusama as the hub for research, development and innovation of the ecosystem and would strongly support any initiatives that boost this status for the network. I wouldn’t get caught on short term thinking and immediate ROI but instead support teams who show strong capabilities to develop and complete proposed projects, specially those who attract developers. Other members will have different opinions but it’s my hope that everyone who joins will share the same enthusiasm towards enabling Kusama to fulfill its role.

Worth stating the obvious, as founder of Virto I would abstain from voting on any proposal to fund the Virto team.

Delegation account:
The main governance origin of the community sends XCM messages with the location //kusama/para(2281)/plurality(#3/voice) which converts to the following key-less account for delegation:


If anyone wants to be part of the test run of the community just drop your Kusama address here to get your membership nft and be added as member of the community.