Dot Currency Symbol

It occurred to me recently that dot does not have a currency symbol. For instance:

$100 - 100 dollars
Ξ100 - 100 ethereum
_100 - what is dot’s?

The purpose of this post is then to discuss how we want to approach this. I see a couple of options:

1.) Select a pre-existing unicode character

There are numerous unicode characters and we could hijack one for our own use. And from a cursory glance there are many that appear to fit, ie ₱.

This route is quick and easy, but lacks expressiveness.

2.) Design our own, then submit a proposal for a unicode character

The precedent has been set by bitcoin that this is possible - ₿.

This is certainly the more ‘fun’ option, in that we get to create something custom we feel represents our community. However, this would mean waiting until we have enough precedent to warrant the acceptance of our unicode proposal.

Feel free to discuss any alternatives you see/thoughts you may have.

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025CC seems fitting


What about Đ
Unicode: U+0110

Symbol Đ Represent decentralization

That would look to much like DASH.

Ѻ 100 - 0470
ஃ 100 - 0B83
፨ 100 - 1368
ᑓ 100 - 1453
ᕈ 100 - 1548
ᕭ 100 - 156D
Đ 100 - 0110
◌ 100 - 25CC

Put them next to a number for visualization. I’m partial to 0110 and 1548 I think :thinking:


◌ love it

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