Decentralized Voices Program – ChaosDAO

Why wouldn’t it be possible for any interested party to verify that any Decentralized Voices applicant complies with the conflict of interest requirement by requesting that they:

  • Review a Conflict of Interest document that’s pinned at an IPFS address
  • Sign a message using the IPFS Content Identifier (CID) hash of data associated with that Conflict of Interest document using their on-chain identity that has been judged as having a reasonable identity level by a registrar
  • Record in a new document their on-chain identity, the IPFS CID of the relevant Conflict of Interest document along with the current timestamp and their signature that they generated by signing a message that contained that IPFS CID, and store that new document pinned at another IPFS address.
  • Share that IPFS CID to allow any interested party to access that document and verify for themselves that the address associated with their on-chain identity signed a message containing the IPFS CID of that Conflict of Interest document and that don’t so generated the IPFS signature provided in that document.
  • Optional: Try to set the “legal” on-chain identity field or a custom field with the value of that IPFS CID. However at the moment raw data values are limited to a maximum length of 32 bytes.

I would be using this approach in my “Decentralized Voices Luke Schoen” proposal Decentralized Voices Program - Luke Schoen - #6 by ltfschoen