Decentralized Futures: Sustained Growth for the Polkadot Ecosystem Community, Developers, & Ambassadors with ThrivEco

Lovely and Well done, thank you!

I really hope DF approves this proposal. If there’s anyone who can make the Ambassador’s program successful - it’s Hutch. His first take at that is the reason many of us have succeeded in the ecosystem.

Couple of kind requests to the team:

  1. Make the Ambassador program attractive for us, old timers, to contribute from time to time. We do that anyway, but the newer ecosystem members should hear from us in a neutral setting that the program provides.

  2. For the hackaton initiative - great stuff, please make sure to reach out as we have tons of stuff for this.

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@thriveco did you check this?

Your plan really sounds like the beginnings of the Collaboration Fellowship. Responsibilities you have outlined include the Ambassador Program and Hackathons but there are many more areas were coordinated effort is needed.

If you like the idea, let’s have a chat and potentially propose something for the Decentralized Futures Program together.

@Theflyinghutch @Abdulbee @muddlebee @aj_asterio @six @Pat @EzioRojas FYI.

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Still waiting. :slight_smile:

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Hello @thriveco

We started a transparency report on the Ambassador Program’s current state. There are too many questions and tasks to be addressed at this point.

Please contribute to the document to improve the current situation and the transition.


As posted on X, posting here the update of this proposal. These are based on facts and can be supported by Telegram conversations, DMs on X, and email threads.

  1. The initial team was formed during the announcement of Parity’s decentralization – it was Ezio (LATAM), AJ (North America) and myself (APAC) – all former Community Managers assigned to our own regions.

  2. Samy shared her interest to join to cover for Europe

  3. Hutch was mentioned to join as our part-time consultant

  4. Day before we officially submitted the proposal, we had a team call where it was shared that they (AJ, Samy and Hutch) voted/decided by themselves that they will be the co-founders and CEO – this voting/election was never mentioned to us beforehand. Basically leaving Ezio and I out of this process.

  5. Few back and forth conversations/feedback with the DF committee, there was a total silence within the team. Samy decided to leave. Pat was directly asking for feedback from Fabi. This was where Pat knew there was a contract being written.

  6. Given the last feedback about the contract being prepared for ThrivEco, AJ (acting as CEO and co-founder) sent a message to the group about the removal of Ezio and myself which created a lot of confusion as it was being decided just before ThrivEco’s operation would start.

  7. AJ has raised his disappointments to me and Ezio about our contribution, but as I mentioned a few items up that there was silence before. So this list of discontent has not been formally discussed to both of us. It was just used as an excuse to remove us at the last minute. To mention one of his disappointments was my involvement with Polkadot SEA initiatives and Ezio being part of the Spanish bounty, which didn’t make sense as I asked for his support and he supported it by posting a positive comment in my OpenGov proposal.

  8. As Pat refused to be removed because of the disrespect of not having a formal discussion or even a call, AJ still insisted that his decision is final as he is the “CEO” even though we don’t have any legal documents stating as such.

  9. By this time, Pat decided to reach out to Web3 Foundation to inform them about this last minute malicious act. Even suggested that without 60% of the original team members, the ThrivEco’s proposal shouldn’t be implemented.

  10. Pat told the team in the Telegram group that she will raise this scenario to Web3 Foundation, and after that AJ never replied and Hutch left the group.

  11. After a few weeks, without hearing from both of the remaining “leaders”, Ezio and Pat decided to move forward separating themselves to ThrivEco’s original proposal.

Currently, Hutch is part of the events bounty curators and AJ in the meetup bounty. These were supposed to be a conflict similar to item #7, but never mentioned to the group.

Took me a while to post to detach the emotions from this issues and be as civil as I can. But as for my involvement here, this is where I personally close this and would like to share that Ezio and I decided to move forward with a new proposal mainly covering our regions but of course will definitely support ambassadors’ initiatives from NA, Europe, Africa and ME as much as we can. Hoping for Polkadot community’s support on this.

  • Patricia
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