Decentralized Futures: Enterprise-Grade Security in Public Blockchain Networks

Hi everyone,

we’re here to address an important aspect of Web3. With this project, we aim to explore and reevaluate security in public blockchain networks to provide clear specifications and guidelines.

The focus of the Logos security research project is to analyze how security is managed in public blockchain networks, emphasizing techniques that enable high-level security and privacy (enterprise-grade) and provide implementation possibilities. This will demonstrate practical methods and strategies for integrating enterprise security and privacy techniques into public blockchain infrastructures.

In this research project, we will conduct a detailed examination of security and privacy aspects to develop a complete solution that enables private and hybrid blockchain networks to be operated securely and entirely trustlessly by public participants. The objective is to formulate robust strategies and implementation methodologies that ensure the security and integrity of public blockchain networks. This includes maintaining transparency and trustlessness, even when these networks are publicly provisioned, thereby enhancing their overall reliability and adoption.

The research itself will focus on general aspects of security in public blockchain networks. However, the proposed solution and the subsequent implementation of recommended practices will be integrated into the Substrate framework. This will enable a security model that can be specifically implemented for Substrate-based chains. While the security model should, in general terms, be applicable across various frameworks, our primary focus will be on its implementation within Substrate. The decision to use Substrate for the implementation is driven by its modular architecture and its capability for forkless updates. These features allow the system to integrate new functionalities over time and simplify updates of the network. Forkless updates are essential in blockchain systems because they allow quick mitigation of vulnerabilities, ensuring the system remains secure without requiring disruptive hard forks.

The primary reason for this research is the provision of the Logos network and its resulting sub0layer. The approach is to provide a community enterprise-grade computation and storage solution (DePin - Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) for the general Web3 core infrastructure. This means that a blockchain network (Logos chain, a Substrate-based solo chain in our case) must contain private elements but can still be operated securely by the community.

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The purpose of the research project is to propose a stable and secure enterprise blockchain system by adhering to globally recognized standards with the obtained results. By following the guidelines provided by organizations such as ISO/IEC, NIST, IETF, CIS, and ENISA, we will ensure that the proposed solution aligns with standards, norms, and best practices.

In this study, we will specifically address the use case of private transactions without involving a closed consortium. Solutions that incorporate private validation parties are not considered. The aim is to define a system capable of handling private transactions without involving private parties, utilizing the highest security compliance and automation level.

The results will be published in the research paper we are already working on, and its initial draft was recently released. The initial version outlines the research and its motivation, as well as our approach to the research project. Additionally, the case study is presented, and the general requirements for enterprise-grade security are specified.

Research paper: logos-resources/research/enterprise-grade-security-in-public-blockchain-networks/enterprise-grade-security-in-public-blockchain-networks.pdf at 50249ef547f911a900af0d598432f05ff2fad8fb · logoslabstech/logos-resources · GitHub