Creation of a constitution with laws for OpenGov

Polkadot DOT what I think it needs to be balanced

1 - It needs a leader to represent the project and be the human face of it.

2 - Polkadot needs a constitution (with laws about payments, expenses, marketing, development, etc.).

3 - The creators of the constitution will be 7 sages who know well Polkadot and all its system (7 sages so that when they vote there will never be a tie and one of them will be the human face or the representative of #Polkadot).

4 - The sages will be elected in a vote among all DOT registered in OpenGov, and it will be with 3 votes discarding all those who present themselves until at the end there are only 7 sages left.

5 - Every 2 years there will be a new vote for the election of new sages, being able to present again the same sages.

6 - The floor of the 7 will be in fixed USDT but charged in DOT and a fair amount to be voted in a referendum before the vote to elect the sages.

7 - If Polkadot needs to change something in the constitution, the 7 wise men must agree, if all 7 are not in favor of the change, there will be no change.

8 - That one of the laws of the constitution the treasury has a balanced expenditure so that new investors are calm, for example 40% for promoters, validators and nominators, 5% for marketing, 5% for extra expenses that if in 1 year it is not spent it is burned and the remaining 50% is burned.

9 - All proposals that go to the constitution will be reviewed by the 7 wise men and they will vote if they are accepted or not.

10 - As for inflation as soon as it can be made deflationary with a token burning system and an exact number of DOT and this law

What do you guys think about this?

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I think Polkadot should not have a business model of a traditional company with a leader at the top or even a decision-making process as in politics. Polkadot and Web3 should represent a way of thinking, acting and building that is different from traditional business models, just as Bitcoin introduced a revolutionary concept namely to separate currency from the state, Polkadot cannot rely on the stereotypes of the past to innovate. By this I am not saying that your ideas are right or wrong but I think OpenGov should be the center of Polkadot’s evolution and we all enthusiasts and investors should actively do our part to increase the participation of token holders.


Thank you Cappex for your opinion


I believe that centralizing the blockchain after everything we have worked to decentralize the technology would be a step backwards.

Polkadot gives us the opportunity to create meritocratic systems and have valuable opinions from experts from different sectors.

Such an extensive ecosystem that seeks interoperability cannot be governed by 7 people, surely centralizing would be the easy way. But we are here to do things differently from the conventional system. I also find the approach to this question interesting. Looking forward to seeing what others think. :raised_hands:

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