Create a Polkadot Design Kit for ecosystem dApps

Hi community,

I’m not a developer but a marketing guy and new on the polkadot world.

Usually complex corporations have a design system that sub-entities can easily plug in to.

Would a design and template library be useful for the polkadot ecosystem?

think of something like fiverr but with a template library and design freelance services exclusively tailored for Polkadot ecosystem.

Core Components:

  1. Comprehensive Template Library: A vast array of customizable design templates, all adhering to Polkadot’s branding guidelines. If someone wants to develop a new service

  2. Creative Talent Marketplace: A place for designers and creatives to offer their services for Polkadot projects.

Key Benefits:

  • Strengthening Polkadot’s unified brand identity.
  • Fostering collaboration between developers and creatives.
  • offering a comprehensive design suite for projects within our ecosystem.
  • lowering the entry barrier for new dApps

It could be a figma template library with certain elements every new dApp, website or brand needs. Having succh a library surely isn’t a walk in the park but it would make the process for all subsequent developers easier.
And as most blockchains are the same for the the public observer who doesn’t have a deeper understanding- branding is key.

I’m aware there has been a branding refresh workshop this summer. My suggestion is to take the insights from that initiative and apply them to the strategic goals of Polkadot: attract more developers amd make use of polkadot as easy as possible for them.

A design and element library would in my opinion support this.

What are your thoughts?

Would that be helpful?

Thank you for your time and patience with a marketing dude in a developer’s world. Looking forward to your feedback!

Worth checking this thread.


Hi @Girge!

Just saw your post and I definitely agree with you on the practicality of a library.

The one you refer is close of the one we proposed: a Design Library for UI components.

Here are some comments on our end to make it work:

  • We all agree on the theory that having a library is useful. However, in practice, it is much harder to get everyone aligned and using the library.
  • Just having UI components is not enough, we need more use cases to prove the practicality of the library so people can actually see the value of it.

That’s why we’re suggesting a design library built in collaboration with teams in the ecosystem.
Having the teams as contributor ensure they will use it but also spread the word. Otherwise, it’s hard for the library to really catch on.

Finally, another important point to take into consideration: the up-to-dateness of the library. Design is a constant changing environment, so it’s critical to update it with recent learnings.

Happy to explain our initiative more in details if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, nice idea.

This is also exactly what LV is doing and got funding for it.

Please check this out!