Community Call Sept 2022: Polkadot Governance Recap

Here is the recap on the most interesting proposals of the month given during the community call for the Polkadot Ecosystem on Spaces.

Governance proposals:

  • Referendum 75, aiming to upgrade Polkadot Runtime to v9280, is currently up for a community vote. Among other changes, this release most notably adds nomination pools to the Polkadot runtime - please note that these will need to be configured via governance after enactment of this runtime upgrade.

  • A proposal to increase the maximum number of HRMP channels from 10 to 30 has been successfully approved and enacted.

  • The second Batch Of Statemint HRMP Channels between Statemint and five parachains (Efinity, Centrifuge, Interlay, Phala, Darwinia) is also up for a community vote as Referendum 74.

Treasury Proposals

  • A Treasury proposal from Astar Network on behalf of multiple ecosystem projects (Astar, Acala, Ajuna, Bifrost, DFG, Efinity, Efficient Frontier, Integritee, Unique, LongHash, Jsquare, Moonbeam, OnFinality, Phala, SubQuery, Equilibrium, Tribe, Web3Go, SubWallet, CESS and Acurast) for Polkadot Singapore Event During Token2049 has been approved by the Council as motion 260.

  • A motion 264 to provide a bespoke and open source user interface-focused typeface for the Polkadot ecosystem of digital products is currently up for a vote.

  • A Treasury proposal seeking to fund operational Q4 costs for Dot.alert(): a knowledge-base that provides practical guidelines for managing assets safely across the ecosystem is also up for Council approval.

Up for discussion on Polkadot:

  • A Proposal for Gossamer to provide the functionality needed to bring true client diversity to the Polkadot ecosystem by Chainsafe. Gossamer is a Polkadot host written in Go: a framework to build and run nodes for different blockchain protocols compatible with the Polkadot ecosystem, mainly but not limited to the Polkadot and Kusama relay chains. This proposal addresses the Polkadot treasury to consider a grant for the ongoing development by ChainSafe’s Gossamer team for another 12 months after the successful collaboration with the Web3 Foundation Grants Program on the initial steps of this development.

  • “The Green Polkadot Project” aiming to measure carbon emission and decarbonise the networks, composed of two proposals: one by Bitgreen and Evercity and one by Sequester.