Community Call Sept 2022: Kusama Governance Recap

Here is the recap on the most interesting proposals of the month given during the community call for the Kusama Ecosystem on Spaces.

Governance proposals:

  • Referendum 228, aiming to upgrade Runtime to v9280, has been successfully enacted.

  • While Referendum 231 upgrading Runtime to v9290 is still up for a community vote. Among other things, this upgrade fixes nomination pools pending rewards rpc and makes sure pool metadata is removed if pool dissolves.

  • A follow-up proposal to update the limits imposed on the nomination pools from 64 to 256 pools has also been successfully approved and enacted by Referendum 227.

  • Referendum 222, aiming to renew Statemine’s Common Good Lease by about two more years (16 lease periods), has been passed by a simple majority. While this two-year lease is longer than leases available on auction, it is meant to represent Statemine becoming an extension to the Kusama protocol itself by taking on more “system level” functionality, namely regarding KSM balances.

Treasury Proposals:

  • After community discussion and proposal amendment, WagMedia’s request to top up Bounty #12 is currently being considered by the Council as motion 545. Please note that as the proposal has been submitted as an external motion, in case of Council approval, the community will have the final decision to make through the simple-majority referendum.

  • motion 539 by Polkadot js plus, aiming for M1 and M2 development of their wallet, has passed the Council vote. This includes the re-developing of the current features by completely redesigning of the extension‘s UI/UX, nomination pools support, Proxy accounts support, governance and light client integration, among other things.

  • Motion 538, by Polkadot Hub (the team behind “Polkadot En Español”), aiming to organise the first Kusama/Polkadot/Substrate online hackathon focused in LATAM and Spain, has been approved by the Council.

  • Motion 521 from Polkawatch aims to roll out their Analytics dashboard on Kusama, which is designed to measure the effective decentralisation of the Kusama validation process, has also been approved.

Up for discussion on Kusama:

  • The treasury proposal for Sub.ID seeking to provide quick and convenient access to all your Substrate addresses, balances and other assets in one place is currently up for discussion.

  • A follow-up proposal seeking to further fund the production and development of 64 Spanish educational video tutorials for users to carry out functions on the networks has also been discussed by the community.

  • A follow-up proposal from Fearless focused on a browser extension application for Chrome and Mozilla, a desktop application for windows, and improvements on their mobile app seeks community feedback.