Community Call Oct 2022: Kusama Governance Recap

Here is the recap of the most interesting proposals of the month on Kusama Network

Governance proposals:

  • Referendum 236 upgrading Statemine to v9290 has been approved and successfully enacted.

  • Referendum 239, aiming to upgrade Runtime to v9300, has also been successfully enacted.

  • While on the other hand, Referendum 238 proposing a minimum commission for validators to 8.5% did not manage to reach the super-majority approval. Nonetheless, the discussion resumed on this post: including alternatives to solve the issues some operators are facing when validating on Kusama Network.


  • Motion 559 seeking to top up the Infrastructure Maintenance Bounty to continue covering ongoing costs of running public infrastructure passed the Council vote. This proposal aims to continue with the efforts of covering maintenance costs for public infrastructure (explorers, indexers, RPC endpoint services, among other projects) while taking into account new conditions requested by the community for these service providers.

  • An external motion 561 aiming to fund Fearless’ treasury proposal has passed council vote! This proposal includes a browser extension for Chrome and Mozilla as well as a desktop application for windows, among other developments detailed in the proposal. Since the motion was submitted as external, it is now in the external queue and will be up for a vote by the community soon in referenda queue for a final decision.

  • A treasury proposal from PolkaSafe seeking to build a user-friendly Multisig wallet UI for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems did not reach majority approval in the first round of vote. The team is working on regrouping for a future vote, so please make sure to leave your feedback on the treasury submission.

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