ChessOnchain and Polkadot

Hello Great polkadot !
This discussion aims to raise awareness about the development of ChessonChain and to share our vision and plans for Polkadot and the web3 space at large .

ChessonChain is a multi-chain network for chess gaming, built with Substrate and other smart contracts , Our architecture enables chess game-play across several blockchain ecosystems , And creates Checkmate NFTs on the user chains and wallets. All this data is ultimately stored on our Substrate chain, leveraging blockchains and NFTs for verification and recording.

Our starter chains include Polkadot, Solana, Stacks, and Near Protocol (Rust-based chains). We plan to integrate as many chains as possible to be the biggest Chess on Chain community.

Chess has more fame and history than Polkadot or any blockchain combined. Centralizing this traffic and gaming on one Substrate chain benefits Polkadot, marketing, and the broader Web3 ecosystem. We believe that building chess on-chain in this manner—without limiting or restricting any player regardless of their blockchain—opens doors to interoperability, a multi-chain economy, and gaming across several blockchains.

We’re currently working on listing a NFT collection of 1000 pieces .This collection includes 16 majestic Kings, 35 elegant Queens, 48 formidable Rooks, 58 insightful Bishops, 58 noble Knights, and a grand army of 785 Pawns, specially created to welcome the first testers and game players from the polkadot community into the thrilling world of multi-chain chess gaming networks.

Features to Expect:

  • Multi-chain chess competitions (e.g., Polkadot vs. Solana, Stacks vs. Near, etc.)
  • Timed chess gaming
  • Handicap system
  • API integration with weekly tournaments
  • Leaderboards for each chain and overall

For now simple chess gaming is available here : ChessOnChain (Note this is an old deployment )
website :
twitter /X :

We look forward to your feedback and support as we continue to develop ChessonChain! we are still putting together a team and looking for resources to fund our milestones with a treasury proposal .

Best regards, TEKE2.0
ChessonChain Team


This was the approach of a leader in the ecosystem: and yet they quickly stopped. My only question: what is the utility of web3 in this dynamic? How can we attract chess enthusiasts?

Actually looking at it chess on its own has traction as a game. With the advent of web3, nfts and fts, its very interesting bringing these two together, where chess gamers will be able get a taste of the web3 space while doing what they love doing.

Also, building a bridge between different blockchain users.

I think project can pull a handful of chess enthusiasts to the web3 space and vice versa.

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Well attracting chess enthusiasts is not a problem, because if these players realize that there’s a play to earn chess game they’ll willingly jump into it.
The problem is adaptation: how will these web3 newbies adapt?
I suppose we’ll discuss that

How are you going to prevent cheaters? Cheating in online chess is quote a serious issue as it’s very easy to do and very hard to detect.

This is an obvious, hard and important problem to tackle yet it isn’t mentioned at all. Any online chess platform without serious cheating counter measures is doomed to fail spectacularly should it gain traction. Especially in web3, where everything has some kind of value attached to it. Unless your target is hacker vs hacker (or in that sense chess engine vs. chess engine) and you explicitly allow any kind of assistance, which could be interesting too.


I might seem out of trend, but I don’t believe in it. We’ve had the observations, multiple failed attempts. In this case, I hope I’m wrong, but I’m here rather to challenge and create real value beyond web3 and tokens. More and more people are taking a traditional web2 approach and using web3 as an overlay, which makes a lot of sense to me, especially in gaming. (Look at Mythical Games)