Chainbrary: Simplifying Blockchain for Everyone

Hello Polkadot Community,


Decades ago, it was conceivable for sceptics to dismiss the internet as inconsequential, as few aspects of daily life relied on its innovation. Today, such claims about the internet would be met with disbelief. Similarly, blockchain technology currently faces a wave of scepticism, often deemed non-essential or unproven. Yet, just as the internet has become fundamental to our modern existence, I believe blockchain holds the same transformative potential. Chainbrary aspires to contribute significantly to this pivotal transition, helping to shape the future of how we interact with blockchain technology.


One of the primary challenges facing blockchain technology is its accessibility. Despite advancements leading to safer, faster, and more neutral platforms, there remains a scarcity of platforms that effectively address real-world scenarios. To enhance the ecosystem’s value, it’s crucial to integrate practical use-case scenarios that resonate with real-world needs.

Chainbrary, currently supporting only EVM tokens, exemplifies a platform with the potential for broader application. Polkadot, renowned for its sustainable network and performance superior to much of the current blockchain industry, presents an ideal candidate for integration. Adapting Chainbrary’s solutions to the Polkadot network could yield substantial benefits, opening the door to more efficient, versatile, and user-friendly blockchain applications. This synergy could significantly propel the industry forward, making blockchain technology more accessible and valuable to a wider audience.

Why Chainbrary?

Let’s delve deeper into each feature offered by ChainBrary, highlighting their open-source and decentralized nature while noting that some features may involve a nominal fee of up to 0.1% to support community development of the application:

  • Payment Request: This feature provides a secure environment for users to execute payments using their web3 wallets. Users can create a “Payment Request Card,” allowing them to request and receive payments in a streamlined manner. The innovative aspect is the ability to lock the requested amount in USD or other stable currencies, providing protection against the volatility of cryptocurrencies. This ensures that the value of the payment remains consistent from the request time to the actual transaction.

  • Bid Management: This feature facilitates auction-style bidding for goods or services, reinforced by smart contract technology. The core strength lies in these smart contracts, ensuring a dependable and streamlined bidding process. Combining this reliability with a user-friendly interface enhances the security and efficiency of transactions, revolutionizing blockchain commerce.

  • DocumentLocker: Serving as a secure repository, DocumentLocker allows users to store sensitive information, primarily text documents, within the blockchain. What makes it unique is the added layer of security. Access to these documents can be locked behind a payment, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view or use the important information contained within. This is particularly useful for sensitive or valuable data that needs stringent control and protection.

All these features are built on a foundation of open-source and decentralization, fundamental to the ethos of blockchain technology. The optional fee contributes to the ongoing development and community building of the app, ensuring that ChainBrary can continue to provide innovative solutions and enhancements to the user experience. As ChainBrary evolves, users can expect continuous improvements and additional features that make blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly.

Exciting new features are on the horizon, aiming to enhance your blockchain experience further:

  • PayTogether: Facilitate group payments with ease.
  • AutomatedPayment: Automate your transactions for hassle-free processing.
  • AnonymousVotes: Ensure privacy and anonymity in voting mechanisms.
  • Multi-Language Support: Expanding accessibility with translations in French, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

Stay tuned as we continuously evolve and expand our offerings to empower users with the tools they need for a more accessible and efficient blockchain experience.

Our Vision

Chainbrary is committed to becoming the most accessible blockchain platform. To extend our reach and enhance our offerings, we propose not only to continue our support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) network but also to expand our services to include the Polkadot network. This strategic expansion will allow us to leverage Polkadot’s unique interoperability and scalability features.

By adapting every feature currently available on Chainbrary for the Polkadot network, we aim to provide a more versatile and inclusive platform. This will enable users from different blockchain communities to access our suite of tools, fostering a more connected and efficient blockchain ecosystem. Through this approach, Chainbrary is poised to set a new standard for accessibility in the blockchain space.

Project Objectives & Deliverables

  • Substrate Migration: We are dedicated to a comprehensive migration of all existing Solidity contracts, maintaining the same logical structure while rewriting them for compatibility with the Substrate framework. This meticulous conversion ensures that our services integrate smoothly into the Substrate environment, making them accessible on the Polkadot network.

  • Substrate Contract Test Environment: To guarantee the reliability and performance of our Substrate contracts, we will set up a dedicated test environment using Substrate’s node template. This environment will facilitate extensive testing and allow us to conduct live demonstrations, showcasing the functionality and efficiency of our migrated contracts.

  • PolkadotJS Wallet Compatibility: Integrating and ensuring full compatibility with the PolkadotJS wallet is essential for a user-friendly experience. We will focus on seamless interaction between the wallet and our platform, allowing users easy access and management of their digital assets.

  • Deployment: Our deliverables include the successful deployment of all migrated contracts and features onto the Substrate framework. We aim for a smooth transition with minimal disruption, ensuring that our users can continue to enjoy uninterrupted service.

  • Maintenance and Upgrades: Post-deployment, we are committed to the ongoing maintenance and periodic upgrades of our platform. This commitment ensures that our services remain secure, efficient, and aligned with the latest technological advancements and user needs.

  • Community and Support: Recognizing the importance of a supportive and engaged community, we will enhance our channels for communication and feedback. This includes providing robust support, resources, and updates to our users, and fostering a collaborative environment where users feel valued and supported.

By meeting these objectives and deliverables, Chainbrary aims to set a new standard for blockchain accessibility and innovation, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of the decentralized technology space.

Expected Outcomes

The objective of this communication seeks detailed reviews and feedback ahead of progressing into the next project phase detailed at Web3 Foundation Future Programs. These include:

  • Development Resources: Expanding our team with skilled developers to accelerate and enhance our platform’s capabilities and reach.

  • Polkadot Tools: Accessing advanced tools and technologies within the Polkadot ecosystem to ensure our platform is robust, efficient, and cutting-edge.

  • Marketing Advertisement: Engaging a Digital Marketing Manager to amplify our presence and attract a wider user base through strategic marketing initiatives.

  • Bug Bounty System: Implementing a bug bounty system to incentivize the discovery and resolution of vulnerabilities, thereby strengthening the security and reliability of our platform.

At this stage, insights are crucial for strategically allocating and acquiring vital resources, ensuring the effective use of funds to enhance and expand the project. Feedback received will significantly influence the initiative’s future direction.


Greetings! My name is Raphaël Salé, a French-born software engineer working in Australia. Over the past two years, I’ve honed my skills as a Senior Frontend Engineer. My deep belief in the transformative potential of blockchain technology drives me to explore its vast applications, which I actively pursue through my Chainbrary project.

The Discord community is a space welcoming both developers and users alike. While I spearhead most developments, collaborative contributions occasionally assist in feature releases. I am committed to delivering a new feature to Chainbrary every 3-4 weeks, viewing this funding campaign as a crucial step towards enhancing productivity and achieving efficiency.

My ultimate vision is to transition to working full-time on Chainbrary, fostering its growth and impact. I am eager to expand our team with innovative and passionate individuals, despite the relatively modest development community here in Australia. This global outreach represents my commitment to broadening the horizons of Chainbrary and bringing more talents into this exciting journey. For more insights and updates, follow my journey on Medium and Instagram.