Bringing the Governance Rewards on-chain

Some of you might be aware of the Proof of Chaos project. For those that are not: since Referendum 181 referendum voters have been rewarded with NFTs for their participation. You may have heard about the NFT Shelves? Check out this article for more info.


The current system is centralised. Whenever a referendum ends, I prepare the NFT send-out and fire off the script. With gov2 we may have a “somewhat simple” solution to move the send-out logic on chain and decentralise core decisions of the project with it.

Here is my idea…


  1. Gov2

  2. RMRK3 pallets

  3. A dedicated Governance Track for Participation Rewards


The idea is that (at least initially) the Proof of Chaos wallet could get a considerable amount of votes delegated to it in Participation Rewards Track, allowing us to act as Project Manager for the rewards. Referenda in this track would determine the rewards send-out through rmrk3 pallet calls.

What a rewards send-out would look like:

  1. I run a script locally that pins any required data (images, metadata) to ipfs and returns all the rmrk3 pallet calls required for a send-out (mint calls, resadd etc.).

  2. I put up a referendum (on the Participation Rewards track) from the ProofofChaos wallet in which an anonymous proxy account will be set as origin and execute the calls generated in the previous step.

  3. The referendum goes up for vote. The ProofofChaos wallet has a significant amount of delegated votes and votes “aye” on it.

  4. Unless there is a problem/community is not happy with the send-out and votes are undelegated, the referendum would pass and execute.

Benefits of this solution:

  • Anyone can make “Participation Reward Proposals” and reap the benefits that come with it

  • Anyone can become a Project Manager (by getting enough delegated votes)

  • Competition amongst Project Managers will drive innovation

  • Power remains with token holders without requiring continuous attention + involvement

  • Project Managers are able to guide the direction without the project being overly centralised

  • An anonymous proxy account (can ONLY be controlled by governance) is issuer of any NFTs, Bases, Collections etc. (all referenda should be executed through this account!)

  • Any collection, bases etc, are owned by a governance controlled account (anonymous proxy)

Why become a PM? Why propose referenda?


Project Manager: This is a wallet that has majority backing (through delegation) for the rewards track. It thus has considerable power in passing or not passing referenda and is in a position to guide the rewards project as long as the token holders deem them worthy of this honour.

Referendum Proposer: Anyone (not just the PM) can propose referenda in this track. Which proposals end up passing is up to the PM/community.

While both roles could be exercised by the same wallet, they don’t necessarily have to be.

Financial incentives that come with these roles:

  • Referendum Proposers can set their wallets as the royalty recipients of the NFTs that get minted through their proposals. They would earn whenever the reward NFTs get traded.

  • PMs can earn through secondary collections. PMs could get referenda passed that make secondary collections equippable to the Rewards collection. E.g: Add-ons for purchase.

This list is definitely not exhaustive and there are many other creative ways to make the roles financially attractive.

What do you think? Is this on-chain governance rewards experiment worth a shot? Do you think this is a great way to showcase gov2?

Happy to hear any and all feedback. Would also be great to get confirmation whether my technical understanding is correct.