Async Backing - Development Updates

Dear Community,

We are thrilled to announced that we are hitting constant 6s blocks in test networks. :dancing_men: An active example using Async Backing is the System Parachain Asset Hub on Rococo :smile_cat:

After fighting around with a critical bug that was blocking our launch, we’re back in the fast lane, speeding towards the launch of Asynchronous Backing on Kusama. :rocket:

If you want to be on the loop with our development, you can either have a look at our enablement checklist or just simply hit the notification button :bell: of this thread, we will keep a regular update here.

In the meanwhile, if you haven’t so, you can make yourself familiar with Asynchronous Backing:

  • Last year Sophia Gold gave a presentation on sub0 in Lisbon introducing Asynchronous Backing
  • On the Polkadot Wiki you can find all the terminologies and concepts
  • Here you will find a guide in order to get your Parachain compatible for Asynchronous Backing

:warning: If you’re facing problems while implementing/testing async. backing, please open an issue on Github and tag it with T16-async_backing. We are happy to learn about your issues and gain feedback in order to improve it.

For which runtime release is Async Backing for Kusama currently queued?