AMI Bounty Report #2


Regarding criticisms related to this bounty’s lack of spending toward media, marketing, and advertising:

We understand that we have been slow to curate MMA initiatives and we are actively working to change that in light of the concerns expressed. Please understand that a lot of time has been spent ironing out the administrative aspects of this program. We are now very confident in our pipelines and are moving to fill our bandwidth with a much greater number of MMA proposals.

As a gesture of good faith and transparency, the curators have included self assessments within this report.


The AMI Bounty program has yet another vacancy on the parent bounty curator multisig! If you’d like to apply to become a curator for the AMI Bounty program, please book an appointment here. Interviews will be open until July 9th. Whoever is accepted can be eligible for a sign on bonus of $1,000 after 30 days!


IPFS hash of full report: bafybeie4gjuyrfhdnvdlix4p5w6v35wrg2ndl7xknpm4e5eykaavmnycoa

Full report on Google Drive

Full report on Crust


Have a marketing project idea for Polkadot? Apply to be a beneficiary here. For the best chances of success, please use our proposal template.

Learn more about the AMI Bounty program by reading our ratified Charter