Add Remote Origins Execution to Polkadot/Kusama

Hi everyone,

I was wondering is there any specific reason why Polkadot still does not support XCM execution from Computed Origins LocalOriginConverter - Apologies as I’m not a Substrate developer but I looked into the file in Polkadot’s Runtime and I don’t see SovereignAccountOf of LocalOriginConverter supported this.

I ask the question because LIDO was original using Moonbeam’s Sovereign account and a utility.asDerivative to remotely transact on Polkadot via an index that was registered on Moonbeam via Governance. But if we allow Computed Origins on Polkadot, then this would open the possibility to everyone.

Is this something that is being looked at in the Polkadot Roadmap?

Thanks in advance!

If no reply here - you could try stack exchange also →

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