AAG 🥚 #3 LIVE - Attempts at Governance

The Kusamarian’s first swing at a weekly Governance show live on Twitter! It’s called Attempts at Governance or AAG :egg:.

While it will, over time, become a lot more interactive and beautiful to watch…

Today we covered the state of the Treasuries, Council shuffles, Referenda and Discussions for both Polkadot & Kusama and two interesting posts on these forums.

You can watch the recording here and see the tweets below it for time stamps and links to sources/places to get involved in governance!

Any comments on the topics discussed or about the format are welcome below! :slightly_smiling_face:


AAG :egg: #4 - Attempts at Governance

Jay covered the state of the treasuries, Council shuffles, Referenda, and Multi-million Dollar Discussions on Polkassembly.

The show is now live on YouTube every Monday and will host guests.