Polkadot Digest 5 Jul 2024

Polkadot News

Polkadot Decoded is next week (11-12 Fri) in Brussels. Polkadot Decoded 2024<!-- --> | Polkadot Events

And next month, 19 - 21 August, has the return of Web3 Summit in Berlin after five years. https://web3summit.com/

If you’re interested in Polkadot governance, one of the best ways to catch up on what’s happening is Attempts at Governance. The latest episode is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K38dccT2jBc&list=PLtyd7v_I7PGkXbJmKojrZ1KXwspR1JkpV&index=1

Referendum 857 on the Root track, proposing to reduce the minimum balance of USDT and USDC to 0.01 on the Asset Hub parachain, is passing almost unanimously. Reduce minBalance of USDT/C to 0.01 | Polkassembly

Referendum 932 on the Wish-for-Change track, proposing the Polkadot Tooling Collective, is passing almost unanimously. Proposing The Polkadot Tooling Collective | Polkassembly

There are a variety of people running for Polkadot Head Ambassador positions. You can see some of their Referenda on the Fellowship-Admin track. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/fellowship-admin

The Polkadot staking rate is currently relatively steady at 58.09%. Polkadot Staking Dashboard | Polkadot Staking (DOT)

Kusama News

The Kusama staking rate is currently relatively steady at 52.87%. Polkadot Staking Dashboard | Polkadot Staking (DOT)

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