A Unified Forum & Governance Portal

There is currently a disconnect between where a large amount of the discussion around Polkadot’s direction takes place, and where we actually decide Polkadot’s direction, as this Polkadot Forum is totally separate from both Polkassembly and Subsquare.

Additionally, both Polkassembly and Subsquare have a forum-like section, for hosting discussions before they turn into proposals. This seems redundant and is not necessarily a good separation, on top of further segmenting traffic and eyeballs.

The Subsocial team is thinking to build an integrated “Polkadot Management” application, covering the ecosystem’s need for a location for structured async discussions, proposals, and direction management. This application would leverage our UX innovations, providing a seamless Web2 experience, while improving traffic for important topics and discussions, and allowing them to more easily morph into on-chain results.

Our team is well known for efficient, high quality shipping, and we know we can produce an excellent management platform for Polkadot (not just limited to the relay chain), founded on the true Web3 ideals of transparency and open data, unlike existing governance platforms, while also adding additional utility in the form of forum functionality.

Please share your thoughts with us about this idea. Would you migrate to it from this forum, and/or submit your governance and treasury proposals though it in a streamlined manner?