2024-04-23 Technical Fellowship OpenDev Call

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Fellowship Updates

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Accepted RFCs

RFC 84General transactions in extrinsic format

What else is new?

Hot Topics


  • Coretime on Kusama is live
    • pre-existing leases were extended until the end of the new cycle period
  • BEEFY activated
  • BridgeHub: Polkadot↔Kusama bridge is live
    • can now provide USDC into Kusama, USDT in the future
    • so far only one lane is live (Polkadot AssetHub ↔ Kusama AssetHub), some configuration change is needed to allow additional lanes
    • sending XCM messages is only through established lanes, they essentially act like port cities to another continent. It is theoretically possible to wrap an XCM message, send it to AssetHub Kusama, from there to AssetHub Polkadot, and from there to the final destination
    • parachains already expressed interest in opening lanes
    • wallet integrations in 1-4 weeks
  • AssetHub: Asset Conversion Pallet
  • “wish for change” track PR was merged

Polkadot 2.0

  • New framing for 2.0?
    • Market perception seems to be that it is about Agile Coretime
    • How about we say Agile Coretime + Elastic Scaling is 2.0?
    • Joe suggested to use the wish for change track
    • “everything that is not in the original whitepaper”
      • async backing, elastic scaling


  • Polkadot SDK version? 1.10, elastic scaling, mythical
  • What’s up for the Polkadot Runtime?
    • Kusama Runtime 1.2.2
      • unstuck P↔K bridge
      • Coretime fixes
    • 1.3
      • real async backing for all system chains
  • Adrian Catangiu proposing to change the release mode so that intermittent releases can land on system chains independently



XCQ - Bryan

  • Bryan presented a proposal for XCQ. It’s still a long time to go, with him currently gathering feedback

XCM Better Fee Handling - Bryan

  • Bryan suggested an RFC for better XCM fee handling
    • more feedback is needed from parachain teams. Adrian has offered to follow up with them


Ambassadors Collective

  • integration of the Ambassador Collective is currently ongoing. Looking for a 1.3 release
  • some questions were unspecified in the original proposal and are up to interpretation for the Fellowship, especially how the exact voting mechanics for Head Ambassadors work
  • Mukharem is integrating it

Tooling Collective

System Chains



We discussed the UX issues of recent weeks when launching assets on AssetHub and transferring them to other chains

  • Nikolas from Velocity Labs was said to be on the matter
  • Joe noted that some instances were due to the way parachains were handling assets (using the relay as a reserve chain of DOT instead of AssetHub). It was agreed that better docs are needed

Q & A

Under an Agile Coretime paradigm, how will the role of RPCs change? → RPCs should play less of a role for end users, getting replaced with light clients instead