Will We Be Able to Manage Polkadot’s Future?

I am opening this discussion to share my perspective on Polkadot’s economy, a topic that has garnered much criticism on social media. The recent report by Jonas Gehrlein on Polkadot’s economy and his review of the treasury’s state made me realize that, although the situation is still controlled, it could worsen. The issue is not only about the treasury’s expenditures but also about the insufficient inflows.

Polkadot is an innovative platform largely managed by its community. Despite significant marketing investments that have successfully drawn attention to Polkadot, we need to provide solid reasons for people to invest in Polkadot and its parachains. Otherwise, we will only attract onlookers who won’t commit.

It is crucial that we focus our strategies on demonstrating the utility of Polkadot and the importance of its parachains (especially the most promising ones) and their use cases.

As a community, we must manage the treasury responsibly to avoid the collapse of Polkadot (and let’s not forget that in the world of cryptocurrencies, anything can happen). It is essential to thoroughly evaluate where the money is spent and ensure that these expenditures bring significant benefits to the ecosystem.