Wiki-polkadot is interdependencies warnings

I’m having trouble installing the wiki locally. It seems to be caused by an internal interdependence in the skin mermaid.
I have made git clone GitHub - w3f/polkadot-wiki: The source of truth for Polkadot.
When doing yarn install it warns me that yarn install is obsolete, then it says husky install done; but before that the list of warnings related to mermaid and something that I have in version 12 came out and it asks me to be a version greater than or equal to 16.
It is very likely that when you read this I will already have it resolved because I have already fixed almost a system and a half just to save this error.
I think that a little panel warning if it is mermaid, npx, node, yarn or what needs to be uploaded to version 16 as a pre-installation requirement would be very convenient. Possibly it will be algolia v3 or another dependency that I will not see more than this time.
I leave this record because maybe it can help another user. I would leave the address of the website where I am building, but I do not have a domain and I would have to reveal the IP.
As I always say, put some effort into understanding this message if you need to. Remember that if from Spanish to English is somewhat complicated and you have to strive for abstraction, imagine from Indian to Spanish and it is not urantia.
Good day.

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