Web3 UI Framework

Thanks for your insight @mpj your experience at Spotify further clarifies my thinking.

I was at a rather large iGaming affiliate at its peak, and while I was there they underwent a period of mass acquisitions. This lead us to see some similar issues to the ones you mentioned, with every part of the organization reinventing the wheel every time and using up valuable resources to do so.

This lead me to create a small tactical team to consolidate data into services and then our own UI framework for the types of elements most of our products used e.g League Tables, Toplists, Odds Comparisons, etc. to allow the various teams to move quickly with more flexibility. The idea is not too dissimilar here.

As I have already mentioned to @dnlklmn if there is already an effort in house at Parity on this then I would definitely like to pool efforts. :raised_hands:t6: