Wallet Selector Support for Polkadot Wallet Snap

I am the project manager at ChainSafe for the Polkadot Wallet Snap, a MetaMask Snap that makes it easier for existing MetaMask users to participate in the Polkadot ecosystem. We have been evaluating ways to increase the adoption and usage of the Snap and were initially considering building a wallet selector for the Polkadot ecosystem that could make it easier for dApp developers to provide support for the various Polkadot ecosystem wallets, including the Polkadot Wallet Snap. However, as part of our scoping process, we encountered a number of existing solutions, such as SubConnect and Talisman Connect. Currently, we are considering applying for funding to complete the development work that would be necessary to allow the existing wallet selector solutions to support the Polkadot Wallet Snap. I’m making this post to gather sentiments from the community on the value of that proposition, and also to solicit any other thoughts related to how the Polkadot Wallet Snap can best be supported and improved. Thank you in advance for your feedback!


Hey @danforbes, thanks for sharing. Is there any documentation or reference implementation that I can take a look at :eyes:? I’m building a wallet connector library and would definitely be keen to have support for this snap :pray:.

Hi, @tien - the Polkadot Wallet Snap has a GitHub Wiki. That GitHub repository also contains the source code for the example dApp. Thank you for your interest and support, and please let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can do to help!

Hi @danforbes, Hieu Dao from SubWallet team. We just noticed your comment on SubConnect Github Repo and have responded.

Very supportive of Polkadot Wallet Snap and we have plans to integrate it into our Wallet selector but have not been able to allocate the resources to implement it. We’d be happy if you could contribute so we can have a complete selector for the entire ecosystem.

Currently, SubConnect has almost full support for the wallet standards of the ecosystem: Extension Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Ledger, WalletConnect, Polkadot Vault and we hope to see the presence of Polkadot Wallet Snap soon.

Great news - thank you, @hieudao!

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Happy to collab with you guys :clap:

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@danforbes the lib is looking great so far. I’ve found some blockers though and have flicked a couple small PRs. Would appreciate a :eyes:.

Thank you, @tien :pray: I have asked the engineering team to review your PRs :white_check_mark:

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