Update: Polkadot validator set size increase

As scaling up Kusama to 500 para validators is smoothly progressing (currently 400), it is time to start the process for Polkadot as well.


With an active set of 500 validators the total core count can be increased to 100, while security and decentralization is further improved.


The current plan is to increase set size in just 3 steps as detailed below. Given that currently we don’t have max_validator setting limiting the number of parachain validators we always maintain a max 33% of total bad actors in parachain consensus.

Also, there have been discussion about increasing the set in even more granular steps like a few validators per era: Increase maximum active validator count to 500

  1. Prerequisites enacted (Enable approval voting protocol improvements | Polkassembly )
  2. Wait some time to gather data
  3. Referenda to increase set size to 400
  4. Referenda to increase set size to 450
  5. Referenda to increase set size to 500

What would a more sensible scale up plan look like once 1 is completed ?