Suggestion: Add Support and Bug Report Categories

I suggest the addition of a support category where the following posts could fit:

And maybe also a section for reporting bugs when no github is available as suggested here:

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I would suggest that these kinds of question would probably best fit on the Substrate/Polkadot StackExchange:

So, to make it clear, you would suggest that we ask questions about where to find documentation and design choices on a code Q&A proprietary platform?

I already asked a question on substrate stackexchange because I though it was relevant here but I found two reasons to prefer posting the above questions here instead of stackexchange:

  • it allows for a more “discussion-like” exchange (hence the name “discourse”)
  • it is a free software (free as in free speach)

I maintain my suggestion which belongs to this category according to:

In general, I could definitely see a subset of “discussion questions” to exist on the Polkadot Forum.

For example ones which are opinionated, require deep discussion, etc…

However, the term “support” is often best served in other places in my opinion.

For example:

I think your post about the blog, where there was no other outlet to make a note of an error is a reasonable use of the forum.

The technical community lives on StackExchange, and until the platform shows evidence of “censoring free speech”, it is one that is very good at getting correct and concise answers to specific questions.

Within the community guidelines, you are free to make posts where you see fit, however in my opinion it would be wrong to turn this discussion forum into a support page, and further fragment where to find and get answers to questions in a timely manner.


I think making edits to the Polkadot blog is strictly different from the other examples as it is not about code and technicalities. I agree that the other suggested topics fit better in StackExchange.

Than being said, even the need to report the issues in the Polkadot blog here is somewhat redundant and is at best a temporary measure. If something needs discussing, sure it can be here. But, merely reporting a typo should be through an issue tracker of some sort, or a "report an issue form in the Polkadot website. The lack of this is a shortcoming of the Polkadot website, not the forum.

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