Substrate Java RPC Client

There’s some community demand for the substrate RPC java tooling and sdk Posts containing 'java' - Substrate and Polkadot Stack Exchange

Java is still one of the most professionally used languages, mostly by enterprises Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023.
I have worked at a few major fintechs in India, where Java is hugely prevalant.

Previous attempts but with no longer support and maintenance

I have forked GitHub - splix/polkaj: Library to access and build for Polkadot using Java and started working on a new java substrate API client with ease of use like polkadot-js and aws-java-sdk. It’s a mammoth task getting near to the levels of polkadot-js, but I believe something like this is a must have for the community to support full integration of the APIs compatible with all languages(Go, Rust, Python, Js are well maintained).


I created the Substrate .NET API, and the according toolchain to build an extension from the nodes metadata. It should be quite easy to build the Java API, following the model-driven paradigm, if you want I can support or help with doing it. Let me know. Telegram @darkfriend77

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do you already have something that people can use?

polkaj works to some extent for basic functionalities, I had forked and made some minor changes to run the examples with Java 13.

I am working on a new version, will update here.

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thanks! Did you have a chance to update MetadataReader to support v14? I’m stuck on that