Sub0 Accommodations

What’s up DOT forum -

We’re starting to plan travel arrangements at OAK for Sub0 and want to make sure we book a decent spot close to where everyone else plans to be. Seems like it might be a good use of the forums to publicly ensure we’re all close to each other for max IRL XCM.

Anyone have recommendations/already booked lodging?


Me and Leemo are checking locations near LXFactory, but we haven’t booked yet. There seems to be decent airbnbs in the range of 70-95 EUR in that area.

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LXFactory is where we ended up as well :sunglasses:

We actually got a place that’s 5 mins on foot from LX Factory, there was an apartment available across the street from LX Factory, but it was only 2 beds. If anyone’s still looking, that one might still be available.