StorageHub: Looking ahead

Our journey continues, and here at Moonsong Labs we are ready to take StorageHub to the next level! Following up on our previous post, we’ve spent the last month gathering feedback and working on the technical design for the proposed storage parachain. We’re now at a point where we feel confident this is an approach that would bring value to Polkadot’s ecosystem, and we want to make StorageHub a reality. To realise this vision, we will be applying to the Decentralized Future program.

StorageHub is a decentralised storage public good parachain, optimised for file based storage and larger data sets that are not suitable to be stored directly in standard parachain storage.

Our journey began this fall, after receiving a grant from the Web3 Foundation to explore and design a Polkadot native storage solution, and the submission of our second Milestone marks the culmination of that process. Hopefully, this will lead to the next phase: implementation. It will not be an easy journey, so that’s why we would like to share with the community all of our thoughts and research so far, to get your much valued feedback.

The Modules Breakdown outlines in detail the different modules we propose as part of the implementation phase.
The Runtime Breakdown provides our preliminary assessment of the different components that will make up StorageHub’s runtime.
The Implementation Roadmap identifies our preliminary assessment of the different key workstreams for Phase 1.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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