Reaction: Bankless Podcast 140 - Cosmos vs. Polkadot

I’d like to discuss how Polkadot is represented by the Bankless hosts and guests Sunny Aggarwal & Zaki Manian in Bankless Podcast episode 140.

I think Dave Bean’s reaction to the Polkadot “rent-seeking narrative” stands to represent this community’s perspective on this, so I am more curious if anyone has ideas how can we shift the public narrative on Cosmos vs. Polkadot?

The primary conversation was in response to the question of “Has Cosmos won vs Polkadot?” at 1:09.

My tl;dr of the responses:


  • Polkadot is winning when measuring by token market cap, but Cosmos has attracted better apps (dydx, specifically) by not collecting rent from developers.
  • Polkadot doesn’t have an app that can compare to dydx’s demand for USDC

Ryan at 1:11:

  • Polkadot has tried to split the difference between Ethereum (the empire) and Cosmos (city-states); and the middle doesn’t hold.
  • Polkadot requiring parachain auctions hinders its ability to attract appchains.

I’d ask that we not divert this topic by discussing whether or not the Polkadot community would benefit from anyone’s appearance on the Bankless podcast.


yeah ive got thoughts on this, will share soon.