[Raising awareness] New network validation protocol version(v3) coming

The parachain core team has been working on some optimizations part of Network scalability: 500 parachain validators and 100 cores (async backing enabled) · Issue #26 · paritytech/roadmap · GitHub for increasing the number of validators doing consensus work, some changes had been required to the network validation protocol, so a new network validation protocol(v3) will be introduced starting with the upcoming polkadot-v1.6.0.

The implementation is backwards compatible, but the optimisations can not be be enabled until all the validator switched to polkadot version supporting the new protocol.

Describing the optimisations:

In a nutshell, checking the validity of all assignments and approvals for validating parachain blocks, takes a lot of time, so this optimisation reduce the amount of messages the nodes have to check and forward by merging all assignments from tranche0 in a single message and by opportunistically approving more than one candidate with a single signature.

Relevant pull requests:

Enablement path for the optimisations:

  1. Validators update to polkadot versions that support v3 network protocol, the upcoming polkadot-v1.6.0 or newer versions, kagome support ticket here: Support for new network validation protocol(v3) · Issue #1923 · qdrvm/kagome · GitHub
  2. Runtime is upgrade to a version supporting the extrinsics for enabling the optimisations.
  3. Using the newly introduce runtime extrinsics through a referendum we enable the optimizations one by one.

Let me know if you got questions or any more details are needed.

cc: @sandreim @eskimor


Does it change how the GRANDPA justifications are verified?

Does it change how the GRANDPA justifications are verified?

No, the changes do not affect anything GRANDPA related.

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Great, thanks for sharing